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What is Seeding Marketing

Seeding marketing is a strategy to increase brand awareness by creating and distributing online content to the relevant target groups. The seeding marketing strategy is mainly focused on making potential customers aware and interested in the brand, and becoming a choice to solve the problem they have.

Creating an influencer campaign to mention or share something related to the brand is a good example of a seeding marketing strategy. Additionally, you might consider posting content on your own YouTube channels, company blog, or Facebook to make the brand seem professional and dependable. Promoting the brand with seeding marketing helps a company increase brand awareness and reach new customers through the use of social media platforms.

In the early days, the most basic seeding marketing strategy is a fake conversation scenario about the brand on the internet such as on Reddit, Quora, and Facebook groups. In this seeding marketing method, the marketers will create a natural conversation on a forum by creating a question about a product, and then use other accounts to answer the question naturally but emphasize the brand and keyword that the potential customer will search for.

However, using seeding marketing with this method is totally tricky. Most people these days are fully aware of the fact they’re being tricked, so it directly affects the brand credibility rather than creating good brand awareness.

How Does Seeding Marketing Work?

Seeding marketing this day can be implemented by an influencer campaign but you need to research the influencers and social media platforms that match your potential customers. Working with influencers is a great way to introduce your product to potential customers with a specific interest.

There are many styles to implement the seeding marketing with an influencer campaign to create brand awareness, such as:

  • Mention the product.
  • Use the product.
  • Share the product.
  • Share something related to the product.
  • Create content that is related to the product by an influencer.
  • Hire as many influencers who related to the brand as possible to mention or use the product.

By doing so, customers are more likely to trust your brand and they tend to start learning about your product quickly. This helps you to establish brand awareness to current and potential consumers.