Photoshop 23.2 onward now supports saving images in the WebP format natively, without the need for a plugin. However, by default, you can’t open WebP files in Photoshop without a plug-in.

How to Open WebP File in Photoshop

To open WebP file in Photoshop you need to install WebPShop plugin for your Photoshop (and you need to re-install this WebPShop plugin every time you install Photoshop).

To install WebPShop plugin for Photoshop, first, you need to get the WebPShop plugin directly from Google or GitHub that matches your operating system.

After that, put these files to the following location:

  • Windows: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC
  • macOS: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CC

Finally, run Photoshop, and now you are able to open the WebP files.

Open WebP File with Other Photo Editor

In case you want to open WebP files without more tasks and Photoshop is not a must for your work. These alternative photo editor programs can both open and save the WebP file without additional tasks.

  • Affinity Photo $69.99 One-Time
  • Affinity Designer $69.99 One-Time
  • Photopea (Online)

And some honorable mentions such as: Pixlr, GIMP, and Canva.

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